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About Us

Sportal provides an effective and user-friendly online Event Registration, Online Venue & Training Booking, Free Advertising platform that helps to boost your business from your customer via web, smartphone or tablet. We can broadcast to the world in an instant and through our online portal they can register and booking in your activities and make secure payments easily. With technology advancement, we believe Sportal Online Platform can provide better experience to the participants, thus encourage more people to take part in sport with just a click. Nevertheless, Sportal helps you to manage your business, simplifying the process, reducing your administrative work and provide relevant account documents to ease your accounting work.

You’re creating activities that make a profound impact in people’s lives. We’re excited to partnering with you bring them to the world.

Our Slogan “A Smarter Way to Sport”

Acting as an online platform provider, we’re excited to leverage technology to provide and develop innovative solutions to enable a smarter way for Organizer/Owner/Trainer to launch their activities and Sport Fan to register, enroll, book and purchase easy for you!


A Smarter Way to Sport

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A Smarter Way to Sport

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A Smarter Way to Sport

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